RAA is an Architectural firm specializing in the comprehensive planning
and design of complex scientific facilities and commercial buildings nation wide.
RAA’s clients include broadcasting companies, community and state colleges, prestigious universities, research facilites, all levels of government and leading biotechnology, pharmaceutical firms. We perform as a prime entity leading the design team in successfully creating working environment for all types of facilities .
Our firm provides a full range of services including feasibility studies, masterplanning, functional and space programming, laboratory tenant fit-out design, construction cost analysis and construction administration.
RAA strives to develop innovative alternatives and in corporate state-of-the-art technology when solving clients’ needs. Our care fully selected group of
lab consultants bring extensive experience for research and educational
planning and design to bear on your project. They are thoroughly familiar
with agency procedures, code requirements, advancing re search technology and evolving market trends. RAA’s dedication to these select areas, provides unparalleled experience and service which results in superior solutions at reasonable costs.
Our experience allows us to handle projects of any size – from small alterations
to major modernizations and large scale replacement facilities.
Regardless of the project size, RAA will dedicate a highly skilled design
team, together with a responsive project management system to create
planning and design solutions that will endure the test of time and al low your organization to remain competitive in the rapidly changing fields of scientific education and research.
We recognize the importance of completing projects on schedule and within
budget. Consequently, rigorous cost control is paramount, from the earliest
master planning stage through de sign and construction. We analyze
the financial impact of our de signs at each stage and develop cost effective
solutions to your facility needs. This commitment to cost control has enabled the firm to consistently complete its projects with in bud get and on or ahead of schedule.
RAA actively works with its clients and user groups through out the planning and design process to shape plans that reflect their unique way of working, while providing guidance on alternative solutions that have functioned efficiently in other circumstances, as well as providing a vision for emerging trends and solutions. By involving department heads, staff, administration, and physicians in different stages of the design process, the needs of our clients are thoroughly ad dressed. Under standing and responding to our clients’ needs is a critical element of effective design.
Our mission is to help our clients develop the facility components that best
serve their strategic objectives. The firm prides it self on client satisfaction,
recognizing that the client is the generating force behind each project and the ultimate beneficiary.